The ROI Engine is a business system not just another marketing tactic. It enables you to build your customer database by collecting e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and much more from people who’ve shown they’re willing to give you their information.

Why is that important?  Because, it allows you to continue to market to them over and over again while using this information to find new and lost customers – resulting in a larger annual impact on the sales for your restaurant.

FINALLY... A program that helps you market to build your restaurant - not just sell your food.

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Restaurant Marketing That Just Works.

Our team of restaurant marketing specialists are the most experienced in the nation with 30+ full & part-time professional marketers working exclusively with restaurants.


ROI Engine is a turnkey restaurant marketing solution that includes a restaurant specific dashboard, displaying the results right before your eyes!

We Help Restaurants Plan SMARTER, Execute BETTER and See REAL RESULTS.

% of Facebook Messenger users between age of 25-34

% of Facebook Messenger users between age of 25-44

% of Facebook Messenger users between age of 25-51



The ROI Engine Is A Powerful Marketing Program Using 5 Sources That Most Restaurants Aren’t Leveraging Properly To Grow Your Customer Database And Keep Them Loyal To Your Brand.

  • 4 Walls – Inside Existing Restaurant
  • Existing Customer Data
  • Existing Website
  • Online Review Sites & Forums
  • Social Media – Facebook & Instagram



The ROI Engine Enables You To Build Your Database Of People Who Have Raised Their Hand To Willingly Give You Their Contact Information, So That You Can Continue to Communicate With Them Long Term.

  • Collect Name, Email & Phone Number
  • Activate New & Lost Customers
  • Discover How To Market To Different Customers
  • Gain A Deep Level of Insight Into Your Customers
  • Increase Customer Visits Throughout The Year



The ROI Engine’s industry-specific dashboard was created for restaurants. Our dashboard automatically tracks data tied to the marketing activity that’s driving your front end sales, showing how your marketing budget is paying off in increased business. 

You’ll be provided with full visibility on your ad spend, impressions, engagement metrics, actual customer conversion rates and sales generated directly from our marketing services.

  • 100% Visibility Into How Your Marketing Is Working
  • Identify Areas of Opportunity From Customer Data
  • Build Brand Loyalty By Rewarding Your Best Customers
  • Discover What Is Actually Driving Your Sales
  • Feel More Confident About Your Business Decisions

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Erin Cooper

BKD’s Backyard Joint

Local480 is a game changer! This innovative food and beverage marketing agency has all the right ingredients for helping any restaurant build their brand, grow a social media following and successfully target and market to their ideal customer and demographic. They make marketing fun and simple, while creating results that you can literally take to the bank.

Dan Arndt

The Melting Pot Arizona

As a co-owner of two franchised restaurant locations, finding the right marketing agency that has the know-how and skill set to successfully market specifically for the restaurant industry is vital to my business. Local480 provides key services that really focus on helping us build our brand through strategic and trackable ROI generating systems, that reach all the right people.

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