Money Hungry: How Local480 Media and Restaurant Marketing That Works are Building Winning Partnerships with Local Arizona Restaurants

As the CEO and founder of Restaurant Marketing That Works, Matt Plapp is an expert in all things restaurant marketing. He has been a key player in helping some of the most successful restaurants grow their revenue by over 300%.

A partnership between Local480 Media and RMTW was created to help local Arizona restaurants tap into this expertise by implementing the ROI Engine program.

In this blog post, we will talk about what the program entails, how it works for you as a restaurant owner and why it’s so important to get your restaurant on board now.

In this blog post, you will learn:

The key to a successful restaurant marketing strategy starts with your customer database. The data that you collect about your customers can help you create targeted campaigns and drive sales.

As a restaurant owner, one of the best ways to boost your restaurant’s sales is through higher average ticket purchases over time by increasing customer retention and visits.

This is done with three main objectives that ultimately lead to your restaurant marketing success.  Those include market awareness, collecting customer data, and driving sales.

What’s The ROI Engine?

The ROI Engine is a cutting-edge restaurant marketing program that helps you do both. Put simply, it’s a business system not just another marketing tactic and it enables you to build your customer database by collecting e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and much more to drive front-end sales higher customer visits and increase the annual impact of your overall restaurant sales.

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The ROI Engine helps meet or exceed your marketing and sales goals by creating visibility and clarity, because it tracks the entire customer journey from opt-in to in-store offer redemption.

Rather than outdated marketing strategies that rely on spending money to convert a single sale, which is no more than renting an audience, the ROI Engine spends money on efforts to build a database allowing you to drive sales over and over again.

Spend to build…not to sell.



How Does The ROI Engine Work?

Our main goal is to help you be in your customers hands every week through email, SMS, and online marketing.

We do this by building your database in five ways:

  1. In-store (4 walls) marketing
  2. Leveraging existing customer data
  3. Website traffic 
  4. Online (review sites, search engines)
  5. Social media

Building your database via these five sources creates a customer acquisition funnel by rewarding loyal customers and using their information to find similar ones, while reactivating lost customers who simply forgot you exist.

The ROI Engine is your full customer acquisition funnel system to increase the ROI of your restaurant’s digital marketing investment. Within 30 days begin driving trackable front end sales and increase repeat customer visits through long-term nurture and retention campaigns with your newly acquired database.

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Why Your Restaurant Needs The ROI Engine

Let’s face it – you’re tired of spending money on marketing that doesn’t generate new customers or sales for your restaurant.

Imagine having a powerful, proven system for growing your customer database and keeping them loyal to your restaurant brand. The ROI Engine is a done-for-you solution that leverages the five sources mentioned to help you grow your customer database by over 400% in just 3 months!

The ROI Engine gives restaurant owners just like you everything needed to create a powerful customer database and keep them loyal to your brand with the five sources most restaurants aren’t leveraging properly today.

We’ll take care of everything from implementation to on-going management of your database and database campaigns, giving you more time and energy to focus on what matters most – running your restaurant.

By turning data into actionable insights, the ROI Engine provide clarity and visibility into what’s driving your business, allowing even the busiest restaurant owners to make informed decisions and increase the annual impact of their sales.

Schedule a call today for more information about how the ROI Engine can help your restaurant succeed!