In-Store Marketing Tactics to Help Restaurants Build Their Database

In order for restaurants to succeed, they need to have a strong database of customers. This means coming up with creative ways to get new and existing customers to join their mailing list or sign up for their loyalty program. While promoting your restaurant on social media is important, it’s also important to reach potential customers through in-store marketing.

Here are a few quick and easy in-store marketing tactics that restaurants can use to build their customer database and create repeat business.

Spending to Build - Not to Market

One major mistake restaurant owners make is spending their money running “one-off” promotions like mass coupon mailers, rather than investing in building their customer database.

Even if you have a limited budget, there are still things you can do to grow your customer list.

According to restaurant marketing customer data, most restaurants see an average conversion rate of 12-30% from offer sign-ups that come throught social media (i.e. Instagram and Facebook) or a website opt-in.

On the other hand, 60% of customers who join directly in-store will return and take advantage of the free program offers.

This means that while it may be tempting to focus your marketing efforts solely online, building your database in-store should also be your top priority.

Promoting your restaurant from the inside

Make sure every customer who walks into your restaurant knows about your loyalty or VIP program. From strategically placing signage to training your staff on how to promote the program, you should do everything possible to make sure people know about your offers.

In addition, consider using creative methods like table tents or stickers on receipts to get customers interested in signing up for your program. If they can see the benefits of joining right away, they’re more likely to sign up while they’re still in your restaurant.

Not only will your loyal customers appreciate the benefits of joining, but new customers will be more incentivized to return and take advantage of your offers if they know about them ahead of time.

Place signage throughout your restaurant

Make sure to place signage throughout your restaurant that will capture the attention of customers. This could be anything from the earlier mentioned table tents, to window clings, or even posters on the walls.

It’s important that your signage is easy to see and catches the eye of potential customers. Not only will this help to increase customer awareness, but it can also serve as a reminder to sign up for your loyalty or VIP program.

Train staff to promote the program

Staff should be one of your restaurant’s best assets when it comes to promoting your loyalty or VIP program. They should be able to answer any questions customers have and provide clear information about the program.

By training staff and making sure they are comfortable promoting the program, you can help to increase customer sign-ups and grow your database organically.

QR codes are a great way to make it easy for customers to join your loyalty or VIP program. By scanning the QR code, customers can instantly sign up and receive rewards without having to fill out any paperwork.

You can place QR codes in a variety of places, such as on your menus, table tents, or even your storefront windows. This makes it easy for customers to join and start receiving rewards immediately.

Make sure that the QR code links to a sign-up page that is mobile-friendly so that customers can easily join no matter where they are.

By making it easy and convenient for customers to sign up, you’ll be more likely to grow your database quickly.

Don't skimp on in-store marketing!

In-store marketing is a great way to build your database and create repeat business. By spending to build, training your staff, using scannable QR codes, and promoting your program throughout your restaurant, you can easily grow your customer list.

Don’t forget, customers who sign up in-store are more likely to return and take advantage of your offers. So make sure to focus on in-store marketing tactics and you’ll be sure to see results.

By following these tips, you can easily grow your customer database and incentivize repeat business.

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